We Specialise In Steel Ute Trays

Steel ute trays are tougher and last longer, and we weld them on to your ute or truck, ensuring strength and longevity.

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We Specialise In Steel Ute Trays

Ute Trays & Accessories

Whatever your needs, we can manufacture and fit underbody toolboxes and drawers to your custom specifications.

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Ute Trays & Accessories

After Something Different?

We’ll custom design whatever you need – tipping bodies, builders racks service bodies, Lyco loaders and more.

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After Something Different?

Steel Ute Canopies

Dubbo City Welding Works can configure our ute canopy bodies to suit any trade or requirement. Each is internally custom designed to include everything from basic shelving to sophisticated racking systems and made to fit all ute chassis and trucks up to 6.5 tonne.

Features of the Dubbo City Welding Works canopy body include:

  • Easy access from all sides and a lower roof level for car park access
  • An upper body that blends in with the lower floor
  • Non-corrosive
  • Secure locking system
  • Dust and weatherproof
  • Internal light
  • Roof storage

Premium Ute Canopies

Dubbo City Welding Works excels in providing premium steel ute canopies that are designed for durability and long-term use. Unlike other materials, steel offers unparalleled robustness, ensuring that your canopy withstands harsh weather conditions and the rigours of daily use. Our canopies are not just about endurance; they are also about maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

The strength of steel ensures that your investment remains secure, whether you're navigating rugged terrains or bustling city streets. With our custom design options, each canopy is tailored to fit all ute chassis and trucks up to 6.5 tonnes, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle.

Steel Canopies vs Aluminium

When comparing steel canopies with alternatives like aluminium or fibreglass, the advantages of steel become evident. Steel's superior strength-to-weight ratio means it offers better protection and durability without significantly adding to the vehicle's weight. This is important for maintaining fuel efficiency and handling.

Aluminium, while lighter, does not match the resilience of steel, especially in terms of dent resistance. Fibreglass, on the other hand, may offer a sleek look but lacks the structural integrity and longevity of steel. At Dubbo City Welding Works, we focus on steel for its unmatched durability, security and ability to withstand extreme conditions without compromising performance.

Secured Canopies

Security is a paramount concern for ute owners and our steel canopies are designed with this in mind. The robust construction of steel significantly enhances the security of your canopy, safeguarding your tools and equipment against theft and break-ins.

Our canopies feature a secure locking system, ensuring that your belongings are safe even in the most vulnerable situations. Additionally, the non-corrosive nature of our steel canopies ensures that they remain secure and functional for years, resisting wear and tear from environmental factors. The dust and weatherproof features further protect your equipment from the elements, ensuring everything inside stays in pristine condition.


Are steel ute canopies heavy?

While steel is inherently heavier than materials like aluminium or fibreglass, the steel ute canopies crafted by Dubbo City Welding Works are designed with a balance of strength and weight efficiency in mind. Our canopies are constructed to provide robustness and durability without excessively adding to the overall weight of the vehicle. This ensures that while you benefit from the superior protection and longevity of steel, your ute's performance and fuel efficiency are not significantly compromised.

Can steel canopies be painted or coated for additional protection?

At Dubbo City Welding Works, we understand the importance of functionality and aesthetics. Our steel canopies can be painted or coated, not only to match your vehicle's colour scheme but also to provide additional protection against elements like rust and corrosion. This coating enhances the non-corrosive properties of the steel, ensuring your canopy maintains its strength and appearance over time. If you're interested in customising a canopy that meets your practical needs and personal style, contact us today to explore your options.

How do steel canopies compare in terms of security? 

Steel canopies offer superior security compared to other materials. The robust nature of steel significantly reduces the risk of break-ins and theft, providing a secure space for your tools and equipment. Our canopies feature advanced locking systems, further enhancing their security aspect. Additionally, the durability of steel ensures that the canopy remains intact and functional even in harsh environmental conditions, offering long-term security and peace of mind.