We Specialise In Steel Ute Trays

Steel ute trays are tougher and last longer, and we weld them on to your ute or truck, ensuring strength and longevity.

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We Specialise In Steel Ute Trays

Ute Trays & Accessories

Whatever your needs, we can manufacture and fit underbody toolboxes and drawers to your custom specifications.

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Ute Trays & Accessories

After Something Different?

We’ll custom design whatever you need – tipping bodies, builders racks service bodies, Lyco loaders and more.

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After Something Different?

Paramount Toolboxes

Dubbo City Welding is a proud, authorised distributor for Paramount Toolboxes and fits steel toolboxesunderbody toolboxes and drawers for utes and trucks. Whatever your requirements, Dubbo City Welding has a solution. Please contact us today so we can answer any questions you may have.

Custom Under-Tray Toolboxes

Custom under-tray toolboxes can help you maximise the utility and efficiency of your work vehicle. At Dubbo City Welding Works, we craft bespoke under-tray toolboxes tailored to meet the specific needs of your job. Our custom solutions ensure every inch of space is utilised, offering seamless access to your tools without compromising the vehicle's aesthetics or functionality.

Steel Under-Tray Toolbox

The steel under-tray toolbox represents the pinnacle of durability and security in vehicle storage solutions. Our steel toolboxes are engineered to protect your tools from the elements and potential theft. Made from high-grade steel, these toolboxes are not only robust but also feature weather-resistant seals to keep your tools dry and rust-free. The heavy-duty locks ensure your equipment remains secure, while the sleek design complements the look of your vehicle. Our steel under-tray toolboxes are a long-term investment in efficiency and peace of mind.

Finding the Right Toolbox for Your Job

Finding the right toolbox for your job is important for maintaining the efficiency, organisation and security of your tools. Here are some key considerations to help you select the ideal toolbox that meets your specific needs:

  • Assess Your Tool Collection: Start by evaluating the tools you currently have and any additions you anticipate in the near future.
  • Security Features: For professionals, the security of your tools is important. Look for toolboxes with robust lock mechanisms or those that can be integrated into a secure locking system.
  • Customisation and Expansion: Some toolboxes offer modular designs or the ability to add additional compartments and drawers, allowing for customisation and expansion as your tool collection grows.
  • Accessibility: Ease of use is key to a good toolbox. Features such as smooth drawer slides, comfortable handles and well-designed layouts can enhance accessibility and reduce strain during long work sessions.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the right toolbox that fits your job and enhances your efficiency.


What makes Paramount Boxes stand out from other brands?

Paramount Boxes is renowned for exceptional quality and durability. Crafted with precision and care, each of their toolboxes is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. From the choice of materials to the construction techniques, every aspect is engineered for reliability, security and ease of use. Furthermore, our customisation service allows for tailored solutions, ensuring every customer receives a toolbox that perfectly fits their specific needs and vehicle.

How do I maintain my toolbox to ensure it lasts?

Maintaining your toolbox is straightforward and essential for prolonging its life and performance. Regularly check and clean the seals to ensure they remain dust and water-resistant. Lubricate the locks and hinges periodically to keep them operating smoothly. Avoid overloading your toolbox, as excessive weight can strain the mounting and structure. By following these simple maintenance steps, your toolbox by Paramount Boxes will remain in top condition, providing secure and efficient storage for years to come.

Can any vehicle be equipped with a toolbox from Paramount Boxes?

Yes, toolboxes from Paramount Boxes are versatile and can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles. At Dubbo City Welding Works, our standard range of toolboxes in dubbo includes options suitable for most models, while our custom fabrication service allows us to create toolboxes that are perfectly tailored to the specific dimensions and requirements of your vehicle. Whether you have a compact ute or a large truck, we can ensure a perfect fit, maximising your storage space and accessibility without compromising on design or functionality.